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Function of arteriovenous foot pump
- Jul 17, 2018 -

The arteriovenous foot pump is the latest generation of physical antithrombotic equipment. It is not only an efficient antithrombotic device, but also has a good effect on the rapid elimination of edema after insufficient arterial blood supply. Makes up for the generation of physical antithrombotic equipment (air waves, gradient pump) effect of a single, you wear is not in use process, the whole leg package orthopaedics, try a large part of the leg caused by trauma patients cannot be used.

The equipment consists of air pulse generator (main engine), pipeline, hand air bag and foot air bag. Imitation is a kind of sole vein cluster effect and made clinical physical therapy instrument, namely under the condition of no leg muscle contraction, the foot cushion fast shock, overcome bone fascia room pressure, the venous blood into high speed pulse state, a big increase in blood flow velocity, reduce blood silt up, at the same time promote lymphatic, tissue fluid backflow, achieve the goal of prevent or alleviate limb swelling. Bone fascia room pressure, can cause limb ischemia due to arterial spasm, resulting in inflammatory reaction and so on cause of phantom pain, AV pump can make the leg blood flow increase, by enhancing body collateral circulation, improve blood perfusion, reduce arterial ischemia. In addition, AV pump can also promote the absorption of tissue exudate fluid and inflammatory reaction, and reduce the stimulation of inflammatory products on external receptors, thereby alleviating limb pain.