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Don't let a varicose vein ruin your beautiful leg
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Varicose veins in the lower extremities tend to favor women. According to statistics, 20% of women in western Shanghai have varicose veins in varying degrees. Of all the veins in the human body, the veins in the legs that carry blood back to the heart carry the most onerous tasks. When the lumen becomes narrow, the blocked blood will cause abnormal expansion of the veins, and the small veins under the epidermis will appear radially like spider webs, which will affect the appearance of the legs.

With the rapid pace of modern social life, sub-health is always accompanied by white-collar workers and gold collar workers with unlimited career prospects, just like a time bomb, which threatens people's health at any time. As a professional woman with a large work load, how to pay attention to the prevention of varicose veins in daily work and life details?

People who need to stand for long periods of time should not hold a standing position for long periods of time, but should move their legs or stand in a different position every few minutes. Because move lower limb, can promote crus muscle to contract, quicken venous blood to return to flow, reduce the time that venous valve bears load.

Nowadays, many jobs require workers to sit in front of computers for a long time, which is very bad for our health. Because when sitting position femoral vein of ham and? Venous can suffer certain compression, increase the load of distal venous valve, especially forsythia Erlang leg is big taboo. So sit for an hour or so and stand up and move your legs. Drinking from a smaller glass to increase the amount of water you pour is a good way to force yourself to get up and move.