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- Aug 14, 2018 -

Deep vein thrombosis refers to the abnormal condensation of blood in deep veins and belongs to the venous return disorder of the lower extremities. Most thrombosis occurs in a state of braking (especially major orthopedic surgery).Abnormal condensation of blood usually called blood clots,they usually develop in the  lower leg,thigh,or pelvis,but it can also occur in other large veins in the body.

The pathogenic factors are slow blood flow, vein wall damage and hypercoagulability. After thrombosis, except for a few who can ablate themselves or are limited to the site of occurrence, most of the deep vein trunks that will spread to the entire limb. If not diagnosed and treated in time, most will evolve into thrombosis sequelae, which will affect the quality of life of patients for a long time. There are also some patients who may have pulmonary embolism, with extremely serious consequences.