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Analysis On The Development Status And Market Competition Pattern Of Chinese Medical Device Industry
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Global pharmaceutical and medical equipment, the proportion of consumption of about 1-0. 7, and developed countries such as Europe and the United States, has reached 1:1.02, the global medical device market scale has occupied 42% of the total size of international medical market, and expand. The total size of China's medical device market in 2014 was about 255.6 billion yuan, the total size of the medical market is expected to be 1332.6 billion yuan, and the ratio of medical and medical consumption is 1:0.19. It's slightly lower than the 1:0.2 in 2013. It can be judged that there is still wide room for medical devices to grow.

China's medical equipment industry is characterized by "many, small, high and weak". First, there are more production enterprises. Second, small size. Third, high product concentration, more than 3,500 kinds of medical device products, more than ten registration certificates of each product on average.

In terms of geographical distribution, China's medical equipment industry is concentrated in the east and south coastal areas. The top six provinces with market share account for 80% of the national market, indicating a high degree of regional concentration in the medical device industry. The Yangtze river delta region, represented by Shanghai and jiangsu, and the bohai bay region, represented by Beijing, are mainly advantageous industrial clusters formed by attracting investment and taking foreign enterprises as the main body. The Yangtze river delta region has an absolute advantage in China with disposable injection and infusion devices. In Beijing, the CT machine represented by GE company has an absolute advantage. Shenzhen's medical equipment industry from scratch, in just 10 years, has developed into a high-end medical equipment industry in our country important manufacturing base, such as medical imaging, blood analyzer, patient monitor and other products in the international market also has its place, development momentum.