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Antithrombotic Pump -- Did You Use It Right?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

Prevention of deep venous thrombosis should begin with the patient's admission to the ICU, including the entire period of inactivity. Antithrombotic pressure pumps and low molecular heparin are recommended for the prevention of deep venous thrombosis, while elastic socks are not recommended for the prevention of deep venous thrombosis.

The appearance and wide application of antithrombotic pumps have a very good effect on preventing the formation of deep venous thrombosis in lower extremity in patients with long-term bed. Antithrombotic pump is according to the principle of periodic air, to the extrusion of large area, massage body, increase the venous return, thus significantly increased the blood flow velocity, reduce blood silt up, can achieve the best effect of prevention of deep vein thrombosis.

How to ensure the effectiveness of antithrombotic pump use?

The pressure band should be loose with one finger, too loose will lead to poor inflation effect, too tight will cause local discomfort and blocked blood flow

Antithrombotic pump mode is very simple, divided into single leg mode and double leg mode, can be adjusted according to the need of buttons

To ensure the patient's coordination, prevent the patient from unlocking the pressure belt due to irritability or restlessness, or remove the pipeline between the pressure belt and the pressure pump, resulting in ineffective treatment

How to ensure the safety of antithrombotic pump?

Prevent local skin ulcer necrosis due to excessive pressure

When connecting, prevent the pressure belt pipe from wrapping in the pressure belt, causing the local skin pressure sore of the patient

After starting the machine, it is necessary to observe two inflating cycles to prevent the patient from complaining of discomfort without timely detection

Ensure the power supply of pressure pump is safe to prevent short circuit

With the development of medical technology, more functions more comprehensive medical equipment product design more human, according to determine the patient's leg pressure induction system, thus to adjust the pressure of pump pressure, reduce both the composition of artificial operation, and can be individualized service for patients. Regular re-testing of patients' leg pressure can help the pressure pump to adjust the data at any time and provide better service for patients.