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Medical Device Hospital Marketing Plan Lets You No Longer Afraid!
- Jul 17, 2018 -

In the current medical device market environment, with increased competition, brand promotion cost, marketing cost rising, manufacturers to strengthen enterprise internal compliance management, the influence of such factors as lead to more than 90% of the medical instrument enterprises transferred to the dealer marketing work operation, manufacturers to provide brand support.

More attention is paid to product research and development, brand planning and marketing promotion to form a reasonable division of marketing.

Market research, especially the knowledge of competitors, is essential to market conditions.

Don't do market research, do not know, competitors like blind men, we don't even know that losing a single reason, second to analysis we develop the local market advantage, disadvantage, opportunities and threats, find out problems, to solve these problems, must do market planning, marketing strategy map and determine market operation ideas, market operation scheme is determined, do PDCA cycle.

The key to medical device marketing lies in three aspects: how to build model hospitals or observe hospitals, how to maintain good factual customers, and how to find hospitals that are interested in purchasing?

Visiting the hospital:

Domestic medical instrument enterprise because of the brand, capital, technology and so on reasons, is very difficult to do 3 armour hospital, only do grass-roots hospital and private hospital is feasible, and maintain good has been the development of the hospital, invitations have intention to the hospital to visit.

Actual customers (developed hospitals) :

One is to invest emotionally and pay attention to what customers are interested in.

Second, we should help factual customers to solve problems and improve brand reputation and brand loyalty.

Third, resell and cross-sell to improve work efficiency.

Find hospitals you want to buy:

Process: collect information - clarify roles - recommend products - quote - help marketing tool display - report - pr - tendering - service

Collect information:

First, integrate the resources of distributors and visit customers selectively.

The second is the return visit of interested customers negotiated in academic activities.

Third, visit the director of the hospital department introduced by the factual client.

Clarify your role:

First, and director of contact to understand the hospital department basic situation, understand the background and department relationships, and of whether the authority is very strong, if there is a contradiction between director and deputy director, if yes, to do, deputy director of the work, or disagreement, department for further into a single.

Get the head of the department and the deputy director. In the same way, the President and vice President are the final decision makers. Every hospital is different, and the specific hospital situation can be learned from the hospital personnel and distributors.

To find a post is better, that person must want to understand the hospital organizational structure, internal division of labor, and role of know the whole process of purchasing, is critical to know some things, such as understanding decision-makers, know his family situation, character hobbies, etc.

Know your competitors' prices and relationships at critical times. During the follow-up period, we have to communicate with the internal line many times to let him know how to help us and let him guide us in our next work.

Communication with customers is a process from strangeness to familiarity, from familiarity to trust, from trust to a consensus of values.

Recommended products:

Recommend different products according to different hospitals, look for different entry points and introduce different contents according to different communication objects.

In general template to the director of the hospital, introduce products unique technology advantage and clinical value of equipment section chief about price and after-sales service, the dean is more focused on economic and social benefits.


Different configurations are recommended for different hospitals and different regions, luxury configurations for tertiary hospitals, standard configurations for secondary hospitals and simple configurations for primary hospitals.

Display of sales AIDS:

It is difficult to persuade the other party only by oral expression. It must be accompanied by some marketing tools to display to strengthen, such as letter of acceptance, authoritative expert papers, proposals, etc.

A dozen report:

To have intention to the hospital to arrange in time to the hospital to see templates, in addition to the director of watching, equipment unit leader or head to best invitation, vice President of the hospital, so easily into a single, to inspect and then got the report.


The premise of public relations is that you have known all aspects of the decision-maker and key person through the informant and the distributor, and adopted different strategies according to different people and the situation at that time.

In the case of establishing a preliminary trust, inviting customers to dinner is the first step of public relations. With the increase of communication, the relationship deepens and the investment is good. Every man has his weak side. Whether it can be integrated into the industry circle is also a very important factor for medical device salesmen.


Hospitals and related personnel to do public relations work, tender and just go through the motions, but still cannot treat STH lightly, of competitors not value, a small details ignored, will let the previous efforts wasted.


Good service is mainly reflected in training standards, regular return visits, timely response and continuous improvement.

Medical equipment sales involves a lot of people in different roles, they all play a different role, you must establish a broad united front, if you can't let him be your friend, at least not let them become your enemy.