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The General Development Trend Of Medical Device Industry
- Jul 17, 2018 -

The developed countries in the world economic crisis resulting in a decline in the cost of the public health service as a whole and for the sake of not less than the original medical level, from the original purchase low-end equipment and low-value consumables products in developed countries will have to use in developing countries to "alternative" products. As a result, medical devices from developing countries will remain the main import destination of developed countries for some time to come.

High-end equipment and cutting-edge technology at present, medical apparatus and instruments as diagnosis, etc., by the developed countries have more, they rely on technology, capital and market channels advantages such as easier access to emerging markets, and has considerable power, high-end equipment technology import and localization in emerging markets will play a positive role.

Medical device industry in the world, an overwhelming number of small and medium-sized enterprises especially small micro medical device technology company is the new product research and development of the main body of medical equipment, become a big company focus on acquisitions. And relatively mature enterprise and a leading enterprise, more can become the object of multinational merger and acquisition, to eliminate the competition, and through the own brand marketing strategy to expand market share in a particular country, enhance in the own brand marketing effect, put an end to the influence of the original brand and unique in the field of implement the strategy.

Medical imaging equipment, digital and information technology, thanks to the Internet for remote medical diagnosis and treatment of help provide a reliable, improve the medical diagnosis and treatment level of the remote and backward area, at the same time also can use surgery robot (300024) to implement remote operations, or guide through modern communication methods for the in front of the performer and instant operation schemes to improve local cannot solve or because of the space distance can't attend to realize the high level of medical technology. By contrast, the extensive use of the Internet provides a more realistic possibility for patients to follow up after surgery and diagnose preoperative diseases, and also provides a basis for service outsourcing worldwide.

Current, modern medicine to speed up to early detection, accurate quantitative diagnosis, and treatment, individualized treatment and intelligent service, such as direction, the innovation and development in the field of medical apparatus and instruments continuously put forward new requirements. In centered on disease to health centered in the process of the medicine pattern transformation, facing the grassroots, family and individual health status identification and control, disease early warning, direction of health management and rehabilitation care is becoming a new research hotspot, further development of innovation in the field of medical apparatus and instruments put forward new requirements.

In the next five years to ten years, China's medical equipment industry with the world medical equipment market will be increasingly close correlation of China's medical equipment manufacturing technology and application of new materials, research and development level, the marketing network is bound to have a huge impact, China medical equipment products from low-end to high-end products with high added value. Key products such as imaging, immunity, vaccine, biochemistry, hemodialysis, monitoring, high-end consumables and implants and household rehabilitation products will break the bottleneck of r&d and investment.

Medical device industry is a sunrise industry in our country, companies such as to the future development direction of medical policy, international market environment, the domestic market and its own development strategy in the process of the three linkage ahead, will become the industry leader.